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HEMPY Holidays!!!

Take Advantage, for a limited time...

$15 off our Hempeutics line

CBD is not a one size fits all solution. Hempeutics™ gives you the tools you need to make the right choice for your health. Simply choose between our response options... 

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Our passion for providing products that not only improve the health of our customers, but the community and eco-systems that surround us has led us to be an industry leader in crafting CBD Hemp flower and extracts utilizing our innovative and sustainable techniques.

Fresh Greens

Daily "micro-batch" harvests allow us to deliver our Baby Hemp and Leafy Greens at the peak of freshness to local markets & restaurants, retail grocers, and wholesale distributors...

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Attention to detail was given to every aspect of our operation, even down to the food source for our fresh water fish. Sourced from a local manufacturer, our fish are fed a diet consisting of locally sourced grains and plant based proteins. Providing you with a guilt-free, clean tasting filet.

We Are...

more than fresh, sustainable, and local.

We are​ committed to providing the highest quality products that improve not only the health of our customers, but also the community and the eco-systems that surround us. This is made possible by utilizing an Eco-System Approach to production and the fact that we use NO CHEMICAL pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics in our operations.

We are the World's first Aquaponic MicroFARM. What is a "MicroFARM" you might ask? Doing more with less is the theory behind this form of agriculture.

"Lettuce" share with you more about who we are...

MicroFARM Logo

Eco-system Approach

Our fish are fed a diet consisting of sustainably sourced grains and plant based proteins, free of antibiotics and hormones

The waste from the fish in the form of ammonia from the gills/urea, digested/undigested feed flows through various stages of bio-filtration where naturally occurring bacteria break it down into nutrients usable by our crops

Crops take up the nutrients, using them to grow and thrive, while filtering the water. Allowing us to produce our products without the use of any synthetic fertilizers.

Filtered water recirculates back to the fish to start the cycle over

Symbiotic Relationships

Both the fish and crop cultivation zones, not to mention the diverse eco-system of microorganisms, are monitored and maintained under the same roof and water column so that they can work symbiotically, just as nature had intended it to be

Soil Food Web

The same microbial organisms and biological processes used by plants in soil-based agriculture for nutrient delivery, disease suppression, and environmental regulation are found in aquaponics at a comparable quantity and diversity to soil, if not greater 

Beneficial Bugs

To eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides we combat unwanted pests, that might just happen to find their way into our bio-secure facility, with Biological Pest Control . Good bugs versus bad bugs

Conserving Vital Resources

We produce on an 1/8th of an acre what a conventional soil farm can on 1 acre, using 1/10th of the water to grow a similar crop

Smart Technology

By utilizing Horticultural LED technology we achieve up to 70% energy savings, while providing optimal light spectrum, intensity, nutritional benefits and disease fighting strategies year-round


The Future


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