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Preserve Craft

Industrial hemp grown for fiber and seed is threatening the craft hemp movement. A heightened emphasis on seed-free female flowers, which generate CBD in greater abundance, for craft hemp production is at risk of cross- pollination by industrial hemp, which pollen rich males are not removed throughout cultivation for fiber and seed. As the hemp industry grows in acreage nation wide these small-scale craft hemp producers run the risk of losing entire crops as the pollen from neighboring industrial hemp farms can degrade the quality of their female flowers if they become pollinated and prioritize growing seed over producing cannabinoids. Many ideas have been discussed about creating buffer areas between farms, designated areas miles apart for cultivating the different crops, but these ideas are very limiting on the newly developing industry and could place unfair restrictions on farmers. If only we could eliminate these potential burdens and still grow together...

A solid solution is on the horizon. We have come across a variety of hemp that is cannabinoid and terpene rich, harvestable before the pollen rich males from industrial hemp have a chance to flower and can save the craft hemp industry. Our hope is that you will join us in testing the un-tapped potentials of this rare variety.

We are looking for passionate farmers to join this project with us to test the hidden potentials of a “Super-Auto” strain of hemp and preserve the craft hemp industry. To learn more about this great opportunity click the document below.

Project 2020.png
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