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Hemp can be made into salves or creams the can be applied for local pain relief from muscle aches, or inflamed joints. Folk remedies often used poultices made of cannabis for medical conditions such as rheumatism. Salves can also be applied, like tiger balm, for headaches near the surface of the skin. Some people also use the salve for skin conditions such as psoriasis. The best way to make this is with a base of oil extract (see Oil Extract recipe). The oil can be applied directly to the skin or you can make a salve by mixing it with bees wax.


5 parts Oil extract; 1 part Bee's Wax


Mix together on low heat, 5 parts Oil extract and 1 part Bee's wax. When thoroughly heated and mixed pour into a container and cool. You can substitute other medicinal oils for part of the oil extract.

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