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Wash. Co. Hemp Farmer Appointed to MD Ag. Commission

Governor Larry Hogan has appointed Levi Sellers of South Mountain MicroFARM to an at-large seat to represent hemp on the Maryland Agriculture Commission, an important state advisory group. A bill to create a designated Agriculture Commission seat for the hemp industry (HB100) stalled in the last days of the truncated Session, but the Washington County Hemp farmer is eager to be a voice for the new industry as it is in it's infancy, only beginning the second crop season since the introduction of the Maryland Pilot Program in 2019.

"It's an honor to be appointed for this position with the Maryland Agriculture Commission. I am looking forward to being a voice for the developing hemp industry and to advise on issues that affects the success of hemp and farmers in Maryland", he stated.

Levi is a Maryland native and his visions of a more sustainable future have advanced his farm South Mountain MicroFARM to be an industry leader in the sustainable production of hemp and nutritional agricultural products. Agriculture has been a significant part of Levi's life and experiences. Growing up on his family's bison farm located in Boonsboro, MD, his love for farming began.

With a love for nature and the outdoors Levi was led to pursue his passions in Colorado where he discovered his interests in sustainable farming, aquaponics, and Controlled Environment Agriculture. In Colorado Levi helped friends start up a hydroponic store selling equipment and supplies, while also designing and setting up home systems. This is where he learned about the unique method of aquaponics cultivation and the more sustainable differences it has over hydroponics. He also was employed at a greenhouse operation and served as the private rose gardener for the Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, CO.

Developing skills in his interests, Levi received a certificate from Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California for Cannabis Cultivation and Processing, a certificate from the University of Wisconsin/Stevens Point for Controlled Environment Agriculture and Aquaponics, and also a certificate as a Master of Aquaponics.

At South Mountain MicroFARM Levi continues to improve the sustainable practices of the farm through research projects that have collaborated with the University of Maryland, while also consulting other aquaponic greenhouses and hemp farm operations in other states.

Currently the MicroFARM is producing hemp for baby leaf to sell to local restaurants and markets, a great substitute for baby kale or spinach and is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; while also producing high CBD raw hemp flowers that can be used in DIY Self-Care recipes found on their website.

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