Fresh Greens

Daily Harvests... Peak Freshness

All of our greens are harvested daily year-round, allowing us to provide you with the most nutritious food harvested at the peak of freshness.  Harvesting all of our lettuce with roots intact, maintains the nutrition and freshness further since it is essentially still living. By the way, we are what we eat. Why not eat and live nutritiously?


What's in your food?

Actual photo of our roots with a high concentration of microbial life similar to that found in organic farming (mycorrhizae)

We all know that synthetic chemicals have no right to be in our foods, but it's not as simple as that. These synthetic chemicals used in our current forms of agriculture not only produce foods void of nutrition, but they also destroy the sensitive microbes that allow our soils to thrive and provide the proper nutrients for our food to grow nutritiously. Since we do not use these synthetic chemicals in our production and provide a hospitable environment for these microbes to thrive, they are found in higher concentrations than that found in organically farmed soil.

See for yourself. 

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