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Important First steps

For best results you must first decarboxylate our Lite Craft Cannabis Raw Hemp Flower before adding it to the options below. Decarboxylation is a chemical process that converts CBDa into a more bioavailable (more easily used in the body) form called CBD. The process is easy to do at home and only requires things you already have. Click the link to see a short video to make things easier... 

Hemp Pesto

Everyone loves a good pesto to use with pasta, spread on a sandwich, add to soups, potatoes or other vegetables. This recipe yields about 6 servings and should be heated up just before use. You can also substitute part of the basil leaves in this recipe for our Baby Hemp Leaves for a little different twist.

CBD Fudge

It's ok to eat some treats that aren't always the healthiest, but if you can make them healthier why not? Here is a delicious recipe for a hemp infused fudge that's worth cheating on your diet for.

Hemp Tea

A tea infused with hemp is a quick an easy way to utilize the benefit of hemp flowers. Both herbal and caffeinated teas work well. Darjeeling, English and Irish Breakfast Teas are good choices for speed teas. Mint, Lavender and/or Chamomile are herbal favorites.

Butter Extract

Butter extracts are the favored way to concentrate CBD for cooking. Butter does a fine job extracting CBD. You can extract more CBD with butter than with alcohol extracts using 80 proof liquor. Butter extracts are about 80% as potent as the hemp flower they are made from. Butter extracts are also inexpensive and easy to make. Because butter can be used so easily in cooking, it can easily be integrated into countless recipes of your choice. The recipes on this site are just a small sample of the possibilities.

Hemp Guacamole

Avocados are great to use with hemp flowers because they contain 15% or more oil. This is served well with corn chips and salsa as an appetizer or spread on toast with a egg for breakfast. Yields about 4 servings

Extract Drinks

The alcohol extract found in our DIY Self-Care Info can be added to any drinks of your preference, for example coffee, teas, fruit juices, smoothies, or even sodas.

Milk Extract

Milk extracts are helpful in processing Hemp flowers for use in cooking. Even milk with 2% fat will work in dissolving the cannabinoid glands. This is because, even though there is only a small amount of fat in the milk, it is evenly distributed, and will surround and dissolve the CBD glands, especially when heated. This is due to Lecithin, found in both cow milk and soy milk. It is a natural product, high in certain B vitamins and is an emulsifier, preventing oils from separating from other liquids. In some countries preparations combining cannabis (hemp) and milk have been used for centuries. Bhang, for example, is a concoction of this nature which can be cooked down and added to food or used immediately as a drink.

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