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(standard size is 3.5 grams- 1/8th ounce)



Alpen Gleaux is renowned for its striking appearance, its floral terpene profile, and wonderful flavor.  Featured in HIGHTIMES, these extremely unique flowers are of the most darkest purple we have seen!  They are also spotted with orange hairs that stand out against the dark night appearance of the flower. With that, users can expect a very rewarding experience that will lull you to sleep and help melt away stress, shoulders will relax and tension will dissipate, great night time or evening use after a hard day or grueling workout.

Alpen Gleaux

  • Alpen Gleaux is an indica dominant hybrid and is said by many to give off the most amazing hybrid experience, meaning it's able to bring you balance and a relaxing chill, without affecting your overall energy levels and productivity.

    This Terpinolene dominant variety with other rich terpenes such as Caryophyllene and Myrcene, can assist with anti-inflammation, tension relief, relaxation, and an uplifting euphoria. In that sense, the Alpen Gleaux makes a great choice for users who might be looking for a way to loosen tension, melt away stress, and relax.

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