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(standard size is 3.5 grams- 1/8th ounce)



Honey B. has a sweet and spicy fruity peach flavor with a touch of lime and honey. The aroma is very earthy and spicy with a fruity lime overtone that’s accented by citrus and pungent sugar as the nugs are burned. 


Incredibly frosty, resin-coated flowers emit an odor of musk and orange zest that tantalizes the nose. The Honey B. effects come on quickly and lifts the mind into joy with the ability to concentrate. Focus and energy will increase making this strain a great choice for daytime usage.

Honey B.

  • The effects of the Honey B. comes on soon after your first tasty exhale, lifting your spirits and pulling your mind upwards into a state of happy motivation. You’ll feel an increase in focus and a touch of energy that temporarily lends itself well to mental activities.

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