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Alcohol Extract


Extracts, using liquor as the solvent to dissolve the CBD glands, are easy to make. It only takes a few days of soaking before the glands have dissolved. Any liquor can be used for this process. The higher the proof (% of alcohol), the faster the process. Some rum for example is 151 proof or 75% pure alcohol. Though expensive, the high proof liquors do the best job of dissolving the glands, which hold the cannabinoids. Though the extract may be high in alcohol in the beginning most of it can be evaporated off as the extract is concentrated.


10 grams of ground Raw Hemp Flower; 4 cups of preferred alcohol (rum, vodka, gin, whiskey)


First, put the ground raw hemp flower in a bowl and cover with 4 cups of preferred alcohol. Stir the mixture to a uniform consistency making sure the plant material is covered. Cover the mixture and let it sit 2 days or more. Next, take the cover off the mix and let it sit open to the air overnight. When about half the liquid remains stir the mixture again, and then pour it through a fine sieve or coffee filter, making sure to catch the liquid. Press the leaf to push out any remaining liquid, and then thoroughly wring any remaining liquid out of the plant material by hand. Pour 1/2 cup of the liquid you collect back through the plant material, and repeat the steps above. You should have about 2 cups of concentrate. The two cups of concentrate can be boiled down further on low heat, or it can be used as is. One teaspoon is a moderate dose.

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