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Oil Extract


Oil does a fine job extracting CBD. You can extract more CBD with oil than with alcohol extracts using 80 proof liquor. Oil extracts are about 80% as potent as the Hemp they were made from. Oil extracts are also inexpensive and easy to make. They are useful to use in both topical creams/salves recipes, but can also be used in cooking recipes when substituted for butter (1 pound of butter equals 2 cups of oil). Many different types of oils can be used to extract, for example Olive oil, Flax oil, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, etc. Keep in mind what recipes you want to use the oil extract in when deciding which variety of oil you are using, as some can have a strong flavor for cooking while others are more easily absorbed topically. Flax or Hemp oil have anti-inflammatory effects, as some have found with CBD.


5 cups of water; 10 grams of ground Raw Hemp Flower; 2 cups of oil; note: For each additional 2.5 grams of Hemp Flower, add 1/2 cup of oil, and 1 cup of water.


First, heat the 5 cups of water while adding the 10 grams of hemp flower, and 2 cups of oil. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer on low heat for 1.5-2 hours. Stir occasionally. Strain the mix, retaining the liquid. A baby food sieve or potato ricer is helpful in pressing out the oil and water that remains in the plant material. Boil 2 cups of water, and pour over the plant material to remove any leftover oil. Press again. Let the mixture set until the oil and water separate. The liquid is then put in the freezer. Most people let the mix set in the freezer overnight, but the ice should be solid in four to six hours depending on the freezer. Wait until the ice is solid to remove the oil, for best results. Some oils like olive oil harden when frozen. They can be easily scraped off the surface of the ice, with a spoon or spatula. Collect the oil extract and refrigerate. Discard the ice/water. It will keep for more than a month. For longer term storage it can be frozen.

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